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"I love the German Shepherd Dog, and would do all in my power to keep both him and his friends from harm and misfortune."
Max von Stephanitz,  Founder of the German Shepherd Breed

I am Your German Shepherd!


"The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest." ― Martin Luther, Theologian and Reformer
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We Promote the "Total Dog" and Strive to Breed Multi-purpose, Multi-disciplined German Shepherd Dogs

A Total Dog displays many abilities in function, temperament, and structure. Our Total Dog philosophy places an emphasis on dogs that can show and perform in multiple venues utilizing multiple disciplines, such as displaying the gait appropriate for their breed type while in the show ring, and then using that superb construction to effortlessly to compete in performance activities.

A sound, well-bred, well-adjusted dog can easily transition from the conformation show ring to a performance event. Venues as agility, herding, rally, obedience, scent detection and tracking, IGP (IPO/Schutzhund), lure coursing and weight pull are typical performance events. A Total Dog has the looks to excel as a proper specimen of its breed, while also having the brains and ability to perform athletically in a variety of working and sporting venues. Yet it does not stop here... A Total Dog as man's best friend is of service to it's owner. A Total Dog can perform in service to our nation and citizens in the defense and protection of our country.


Our Mission Statement:

"The mission of French's German Shepherds is to breed intelligent, obedient, confident dogs with good health and great temperaments capable of performance and conformation for what is known as the "Total Dog." As members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and as ethical breeders, we have signed the Club's Code of Ethics. We will breed according to the German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard. We will strive to breed multi-purpose and multi-disciplined dogs for service that are attractive, functional, and sound in mind, body, form and type. We will continually strive to improve our lines and better the Breed of the German Shepherd Dog!"

"When you study a dog's pedigree both vertically and horizontally, it tells you of the dog's genetic potential and the possibilities of what the dog could be. When you observe and examine a dog, whether showing, working or performing in an event or competition, it shows the dog's capabilities and what the dog looks and appears to be. However, when you look at that same dog's offspring and producing record together with how its progeny's look, work and perform; it is only then will you know what the dog really is, and what it has to offer and contribute to the breed." - French's German Shepherds



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German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard
SV USCA German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard
AKC - German Shepherd Dog Breed

Humans have depended on animals since the dawn of our species, but it is only recently that a field of study known as "Anthrozoology," has emerged to help us better understand people’s relationships with animals. Anthrozoology, the study of Human-Animal Interactions (HAI), seeks to examine the full range of people’s associations with animals, including wildlife, pets, therapy, agricultural, zoo and laboratory animals.

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